New Exhibit at Library

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CHARAC members Yvonne Christianson, Eileen Hamblin, Tanya Eitzenhoefer and Jan Enfelt join together in this Sherman & Ruth Weiss Community Library show on display through the end of September.
They are members of Broad Strokes – a small group of watercolor artists including more seasoned artists and artists new to this art. They learn much while painting together on Monday mornings. They share tips and ideas, creative criticism, camaraderie, and rides to classes-always seeking ways to improve their art. This show represents only four of them with a small sampling of some of their paintings giving you a range of subjects including a portrait, landscapes, florals, animals, abstracts and seascapes. The painting featured above is titled “I Love You to the Moon” is one of 22 paintings in this show.
Enjoy the show!

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