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Jean Accola | Stone Lake, WI | Painting/Drawing,Fiber Arts

Painting in oil, acrylic& watercolor are my primary mediums. I ran an art gallery from 1985-2020 in Durand WI. I’ve moved to a studio in an old restored larch cabin in southern Sawyer County. I also do textile wall art, fine handmade books and more. I love nature and the changes of the season. My inspiration!!

Carol Anderson | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing,Photography

See My Art | Cable, WI | Painting/Drawing,Jewelry

See My Art, Inc. (SMART) is a not-for-profit corporation that inspires, empowers, validates, and supports people with disabilities through art. Co-founded in 2012 by artist and art therapist Sara Balbin, SMART seeks to open doors and unlock minds by providing public venues on land and online for displaying art by individuals with all disabilities, and by educating the public about the health benefits of artistic expression.
The community keeps SMART strong by getting to know our artist’s at Community Events.
Vision: Opening doors and minds through art for those with disabilities
Mission: Using Art to Empower and Inspire

LCO Arts and Crafts Association | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing,Sculpture,Mixed Media,Jewelry,Pottery,Fiber Arts,Glass Arts

Mark Barton | Chippewa Falls, WI |

Karen Bejin | Chippewa Falls, WI | Painting/Drawing,Mixed Media

Willian Bejin | Chippewa Falls, WI | Mixed Media,Other

Carol Carryer | Rochester, MN | Painting/Drawing

Yvonne Christianson | Springbrook, WI |

Susan Cudden | Elgin, IL | Mixed Media

Kathy DiSalvo | CABLE, WI | Painting/Drawing,Glass Arts

Tanya Eitzenhoefer | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing,Mixed Media

Matt Ellis | Stone Lake, WI | Mixed Media

Jan Enfelt | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing

My husband Jim, and I moved to Hayward when we retired. I took up quilting at that time, and still do so randomly. One winter while enjoying Florida I decided to join a snowbird club. I took a drawing class & the following year watercolor, which has become my favorite leisure activity. I currently paint with other watercolor artists, the Broad Strokes on Monday mornings.

Pam Fioritto | Stone Lake, WI | Painting/Drawing

I’m a recently retired K-8 art teacher and have been painting in oils for many years. I have recently begun doing small watercolor/charcoal/ink paintings as well. I love working at our new cabin near Stone Lake.

Don Gahr | Springbrook, WI | Sculpture

Lora Gerdes | Stone lake, WI | Painting/Drawing

Adu Gindy | Minneapolis, MN | Painting/Drawing

Eileen Hamblin | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing

Trish Hemming | Hayward, WI | Literary Arts,Theater

Gretchen Herdrich | Stone Lake, WI | Fiber Arts

Stacy Hughes Anderson | Springbrook, WI | Music

Ashley King | Minong, WI | Painting/Drawing

Lynn Kunz | Hayward, WI | Mixed Media,Fiber Arts

Sue Leighton | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing,Literary Arts

Sage Lund | Stone Lake, WI | Jewelry

Sage Lund is a leather jewelry crafter born and raised on a small hobby farm in northern Wisconsin, where she enjoys her life surrounded by her family and many beloved pets. Sage is a prolific artist and she creates her jewelry by drawing her own original designs, transferring them onto repurposed leather, and then hand-painting them. The result being unique, whimsical leather jewelry.
Sage loves to find inspiration for her jewelry from the endless variety of wildlife and the natural world that surrounds her, and in her work she aims to create quality jewelry that reflects the beauty of the Northwoods.

Bruce Morness | Stone Lake, WI | Painting/Drawing,Sculpture,Mixed Media

James Netz | Hayward, WI | Photography

Judy Newberry | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing

Roger Nielsen | Sarona, WI | Painting/Drawing

Tommy Nigbor | HAYWARD, WI | Photography

I am a Seeley, Wisconsin-based photographer and self-taught artist. My day job is in the medical field. Prior to a trip to Europe, I picked up a camera and never looked back. Living in Northern Wisconsin provides me with an abundance of natural resources to explore and work with.

I have a strong passion for minimalism and a unique vision. My work has been described as having aetherial painting quality. I am consistently working to capture the beauty and honesty of nature.

sean okamoto | Hayward, WI | Music

Jacqueline Olson | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing

I earned degrees in Art Education and Elementary Education from Viterbo College in La Crosse, WI, Masters from UWL, LaCrosse WI Taught Art Education in West Salem WI and Mindoro WI K-8, for 30 years.
I retired from West Salem, WI schools in 1998 and moved to Hayward WI where I substitute taught for Hayward and Winter school districts. I participated in watercolor classes for 6 years taught by Karlyn Holman, Washburn, WI.
I am now pursuing watercolor painting, kayaking, hiking, fishing and camping. I live on Moose Lake in Sawyer County in summer. I wintered in Naples FL for the past 6 years.
I sell my paintings and greeting cards from home.
I can be reached at 715-462-4168 or

Kathleen Olson | Eau Claire, WI |

Paul Ostrum | Hayward, WI | Photography

Resides in Seeley, WI. Photography and music interest began at an early age learning guitar and taking pictures in northern Wisconsin community of Cumberland. Going on to attend college and Technical school for music and natural resources as well as studying photography in college and through other sources. Retiring from the US Forest Service in 2012 as a District Fire Management Officer and Fuels Technician gave more time to pursue photography. An active participant in silent sports; cross country skiing. road and mountain biking as well as snow shoeing keeps me active and finding new ideas for photos.Completed 20 Birkebeiner ski races and a member of the Birch Leggings Club. I am also a descendent of the Birkebeiner Warriors. I also have been avid bowhunter for over fifty years and believe this keeps me fitting in with the natural world. FAA certified Drone Pilot #4315296.

Roberto Palombi | Hayward, WI | Photography,Literary Arts

Antonio Pasin | Hayward, WI | Pottery

Deanna Persson | Hayward, WI | Mixed Media

Sara Qualey | Cable, WI | Painting/Drawing

Jason Rabuck | Springbrook, WI | Mixed Media,Music,Fiber Arts

Jason shaped his first knife in 2004 out of an old file heated in a propane forge. His blade and overall designs are all original and 100% sole authorship, including the heat treatment of the blade steel. He designs and constructs the sheaths in addition to other leather and canvas articles – including bags, totes, and accessories. Describing the work he says, “I strive to combine beauty and function to create useable works of art. It is my desire to elevate the knife beyond being just a tool.” He is also a dedicated musician – performing guitar, harmonica, and vocals in the groups Brave Cowboy and Northwoods Blues Project.

Diana Randolph | Drummond, WI | Painting/Drawing

Diana Randolph, Drummond, writes and paints in her home studio in the midst of Chequamegon/Nicolet National Forest. She’s the author of “Beacons of the Earth and Sky,” paintings and poetry inspired by the natural world (Savage Press). She creates pastels on paper and oil paintings depicting the landscape she encounters. She teaches art workshops through WITC (Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College) continuing ed program and through Cable Natural History museum. Her studio will be open by appointment when the pandemic is over! She also creates note card designs of pen and ink drawings and some of her paintings.

Norma Riehm | Hayward, WI | Mixed Media,Jewelry,Fiber Arts,Glass Arts

I am a fiber artist and quilter that enjoys trying all mediums of art. Lately I’ve enjoyed working with fiber, glass, beads, gourds and pine needles, dyeing fabric, and altering fabric. I make items that I sell at a local gallery such as fiber fabric covered sketchbooks and journals, bookmarks, jewelry, finished gourds, fiber bowls, fiber layered runners, quilts and wall hangings. I also teach classes on my unique techniques and style. On my blog site I share my techniques and pictures.

Vic Rouleau | Holcombe, WI | Sculpture,Mixed Media

Catherine Sebek | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing

ChimakwaNibawii Stone | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing,Other

NorthWoods Strings | Hayward, WI | Music

NorthWoods Strings is a non-profit organization centered in Hayward WI. Our vision is to create a nurturing environment that educates and inspires community members of all ages by providing opportunities to engage with string music and music education.

NorthWoods Strings offers private lessons and ensemble opportunities on violin, viola, cello and bass to students of all ages in rural Northwestern Wisconsin.

Dawn Stutelberg | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing

Marilyn Swanson | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing,Mixed Media,Jewelry

Trudianne Temple | Hayward, WI | Glass Arts

Judy Timmerman | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing

Trudy Tyson | Hayward, WI | Painting/Drawing,Glass Arts

Susanne von Schroeder | Bruce, WI | Photography

Gina Winther | Shell Lake, WI | Painting/Drawing

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