Art Crawl

Cable Hayward Area Arts Council (CHARAC) is happy to announce that the Art Crawl will take place August 13-14-15. 

After a one year hiatus the artists are looking forward to sharing their creativity with the public as they welcome visitors to their studios, galleries and other venues. Twenty-one sites will host more than 32 artists - geographically ranging from as far north as Mason, WI  to the southern reach of Stone Lake, WI.

The three day weekend starts Friday the 13th from 10am - 5pm, continues Saturday the 14th, 10am - 5pm and Sunday the 15th, 11am to 3pm.

Click here for an interactive map!

Site 1- Rabuck Handmade Knives and Leather, W3080 Hay Lake Road, Springbrook

Jason Rabuck


Ashley King


Sage Lund

Site 5 - 6687 N. White Lane, Stone Lake

Nancy Hall

Site 6 - Ellis Studios, Hwy 27/Hwy 70, Stone Lake

Matt Ellis

Site 7 - Morness Studios, 6843N Fleur de Lane, Stone Lake

Bruce Morness

Patty Morness Berg

Vic Rouleau

Site 9 - Tinderwood, 15847 W Second Street, Hayward

Mark Barton

Site 11 - James Netz Photography, 15844 W Second Street, Hayward

James Netz

Site 12 - Out of the Woods Winery, 10588 Main Street, Hayward

Original Art for Wine Labels

Site 14 - Sebek Studio, 10839N Nyman Ave, Hayward

Catherine Sebek

Site 16 - Ringheim Studio, 10729 N Forest Gate Lane, Hayward

Syd Ringheim

Site 18 - 13828 N. Sabin Road, Hayward

Paul Ostrum

Site 20 - 14810 Perry Lake Road, Cable

Kathy  DiSalvo


Annie Brovold


Mary Ringlestetter

Site 2 - N7828 Main Rd, Springbrook

Don Gahr

Site 3 - 3612 N Boxing Camp Trail, Stone Lake

Pam Fioritto

Site 4 - Accola Gallery, 3634 N Boxing Camp Trail, Stone Lake

Jean Accola


Kathy Olson 


Susan Cudden

Site 8 - Gallery & Gifts, 10529 Dakota Ave, Hayward

Trudy Tyson

Norma Riehm

Avis Rosenlund

Site 10 - Art Beat of Hayward, 15845 W Second Street, Hayward

Deanna Persson


ChimakaNibawii Stone

Site 13 - Ascension Episcopal Church, 10610 North California Ave, Hayward

Gretchen Herdrich

Site 15 - Koobies Coffee Shop, 13827 Co Hwy B, Hayward

LCO Arts and Crafts Association

Site 17 - 10777 N Namekagon Lane, Hayward

Nancy Schryer

Site 19 - My Villa, 41410 Hwy 63, Cable

Susanne von Schroeder

Site 21 - Delta Diner, 14385 Co Hwy H, Mason

Bill Bejin


Karen Bejin

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